Bhopal: 17-year-old girl abducted, raped in car amid Coronavirus lockdown

A shocking case was reported from Bhopal where a 17-year-old girl on her way to the hospital was abducted and raped by 2 men in the car. This is the second case in Bhopal after a blind woman was raped at her home while she sleeping in her room.

The incident took place on 18th April when the victim and her friend was going to JP hospital. Around 7:20 pm a car stopped and dragged her into the car from the hospital’s gate. From there, she was taken to a deserted area in BHEL Township, Govindapura amid the lockdown.

As per reports, its quite shocking that amid the lockdown a car was roaming and police didn’t get suspicious. The car must have passed through police checkpoints in the 6-8 km between JP Hospital and Govindapura including Board Office Square, however, they were not stopped anywhere.

As per the victim, after kidnapping her from the hospital’s gate they took her to the deserted area of BHEL township and stopped the car. The accused identified as Shafiq Khan dragged her out of the car while another accuse identifies as Abid Khan stayed in the car. Shafiq dragged her to open ground and raped her. She screamed for help but there was no one around to hear her cries.

The incident came to light when the victim filed an FIR against the two men and narrated the ordeal. She further continued that after 3 hours they dropped her near Mayur Park and threatened her that if she spoke to anyone then they will kill her, so she kept quiet. However, when her friend called her the next day to ask about the incident she narrated the entire incident. After hearing this, her friend encouraged her to approach the police.

She filed a complaint at the local police station, which recorded a zero FIR and transferred it to Habibganj police station, which was jurisdiction od the area around the hospital. The police have registered the FIR under POSCO Act.

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