Bengaluru: Shocking! Drunk man bites off snake’s skin; caught on camera

A horrific news was reported from Bengaluru’s Mastur village where a 38-year-old drunk man bites off poisonous snake on Tuesday. As per reports, the incident took place around 11 am when the man who was returning home on a bike with a load of liquor bottles ran over a viper. On seeing this he got off his bike and tossed the injured snake around his neck and ride off.

However, after some distance away he stopped his bike and began biting the snake. On seeing this, villagers around him were stupefied while others were filming the gruesome act. Meanwhile, on receiving the information police arrived around 30 minutes later and found that the snake had died.

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When police investigated the man, he said, “The viper has troubled me earlier. I was angry as it came under my wheels this morning too.” Further probing, police told the man that the snake is very poisonous, to this he said that nothing will happen to him as killing a snake is quite common in the village. The man further added that he has not gone to any doctor yet and is fine.

After the incident came to light, Aswath, the village accountant said that he has appointed one of his staffers to accompany Kumar and keep a close eye on him.

Please note: We are not posting the video as it contains obscene.

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