Basic Math qualified CBSE Students can opt for Mathematics in Class 11 for 2020-21 academic session

CBSE Class 11 Admissions 2020: As per the recent notification by the Central Board of Secondary Education, students who had qualified Basic Math in Class 10 can opt for Mathematics in Class 11 2020 admissions. Such students are not required to appear for Standard Math paper in the CBSE Compartmental exams 2020 to be held. This move comes as a one time measure only owing to the COVID-19 situation, a decision termed by many education experts as an ‘Empathetic move’.

CBSE Controller of Examinations, Sanyam Bharadwaj has said that the Board has taken the decision to put an end to the indefinite wait due to pandemic resulting in a subsequent delay in the conducting of the CBSE compartmental exams 2020. He also said that as long as students have qualified in their Basic Math paper in the Class 10 Board exams and have the aptitude required for the subject, they can opt for Mathematics in Class 11. Mr. Bharadwaj also added that his exemption is a one-time measure only, in order to facilitate the students of the 2020-21 academic session.

Reasoning that without CBSE making this decision, students with Basic Math will not have sufficient time to develop an understanding of the subject; as a greater part of the syllabus will have been already completed considering such students ineligible. He has also said that in case students fail to cope up with Mathematics in Class 11, they can opt for Applied Mathematics as an academic elective in Class 12. However, the aptitude of such students for the subject will have to verified by concerned school principals before allowing the students to take up Mathematics in Class 11, clarified Bharadwaj.

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