AVM: New beta versions for two Fritz boxes

If you want to try out upcoming functions with your FritzBox before the next firmware update, you should visit the Fritz Laboratory. AVM regularly provides new beta versions for download here. The current laboratory versions have recently appeared for the FritzBox 7530 AX and FritzBox 5530 Fiber. The 7530 AX is thus heading for FritzOS 7.25, which contains new functions and is already available for the 5530. Version 7.25 follows the major update FritzOS 7.20, which the manufacturer released last year.

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New betas for FritzBox 7530 AX and 5530

The new betas are on one AVM website available for download (version numbers: 07.24-88281 and 07.26-88173). According to the manufacturer bring the following improvements and bug fixes:



  • Improvement: stability


  • Improvement: stability



  • Fixed: VPN connections based on third-party solutions sometimes broke off after a long connection time
  • Fixed: Under certain circumstances WiFi home network devices could not be accessed via VPN


  • Improvement: increased stability
  • Fixed: Possible problems when registering repeaters after changing the WLAN encryption from “WPA2 + WPA3” to “unencrypted”
  • Fixed: With unencrypted WiFi, the WPS function for WiFi guest access works reliably again
  • Fixed: The legend below the graphic “Assignment of WLAN channels” was not displayed in a single line (page WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS > Radio channel)


  • Fixed: A time switch set up on the FritzBox (the Mesh Master) was sometimes not correctly adopted by Mesh repeaters (FritzRepeater or FritzBox). Note: When the timer is activated, the LED may flash briefly (<30 seconds)


  • Improvement: Deutsche Telekom – automatic setup of phone numbers when connecting via WAN / LAN 1 with a fiber optic modem
  • Change: Necessary change for the future use of an online phone book from Google
  • Fixed: When using the business telephony platform “Telekom CompanyFlex”, phone numbers were possibly no longer registered on the server after editing in the user interface
  • Fixed: No display of call blocks if they contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed: Search in the phone book was possible by name, but not by phone number
  • Fixed: The internal fax function cannot be set up if the phone book contained an entry without a phone number
  • Fixed: When using encrypted telephony, after a call was canceled by the caller before the call was accepted, the telephones on the FritzBox could ring endlessly
  • Fixed: Three-way conference over an analog telephone did not work in isolated cases
  • Fixed: Numbers are not registered when using the extended failure protection


  • Fixed: After a long runtime it could happen that certain functions were no longer available (e.g. media player, update search)


  • Change: Push-Service – various changes to the text of the email “Change notice”
  • Fixed: In some cases the Google Authenticator’s confirmation code could not be entered on the user interface

Home network

  • Improvement: Display of network connections optimized for larger networks
  • Fixed: Changing settings in the device details of certain network devices generated an inappropriate error message


  • Fixed: Interruption of the LAN connection after starting the FritzRepeater
  • Fixed: Data transmission was interrupted for seconds when changing from 5 to 2.4 GHz if the Fritz Repeater was positioned unfavorably
  • Fixed: Interruptions in video streaming when using IPv6 connections

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