Automatic gardener: build a raised bed FarmBot

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The construction of a FarmBot consists of three steps: First you prepare the construction site in the garden and assemble a raised bed. Since this must have an electricity and a water connection, this step is astonishingly complex. Then screw the FarmBot assemblies together in the workshop and wire most of the electrical components. In the third step, you install rails and portal in the garden, connect electricity and water, set up the operating system and ensure that all three axes run smoothly.

The official documentation will guide you through all of these steps. It guides you step-by-step through the construction and points out typical sources of error. If you have any problems, the official FAQ will help you. If this does not solve the problem either, you should not be afraid to look into the CAD design. This was created in the browser-based CAD program Onshape so that you can view it without having to install a program. We explained how to navigate in Onshape using the FarmBot as an example.

More about Smart Garden

For some, gardening is relaxation, for others it is simply exhausting. We explain how you can make your garden smarter and what you should look out for with robotic lawnmowers, networking and automatic irrigation.

We built a 1.5 x 3 m FarmBot Genesis in version 1.5 and learned enough about the machine to be able to give you some valuable tips for building your own FarmBot. If you are not yet sure whether you would like to build and own a FarmBot, our construction report will allow you to assess whether you dare to do the project.

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