Astroshot and rough landscape: The pictures of the week (KW 33)

Many photographers are driven by the spirit of discovery. For their pictures they are ready to go on a search, that can be the search for a special moment or a special landscape. In the photo of Comet C / 2020 F3 Neowise by Groessi, our picture of the day on Sunday, both came together. It was made on a summer night on the Raisting earth station at the Ammersee. On the left of the photo you can see the comet described in the title of the picture, the photographer explains: “It is 1.03 million kilometers from Earth, has a speed of 77 km / s, and pulls a tail that is around 15 million It is about five kilometers long and will visit us again in about 4,000 to 7,000 years if it survives. “

The two photographers pewebe and Radiomann found their motifs in everyday landscapes, and their photos attract attention due to the special image look. Pewebe wrote to us about somewhere in Brandenburg: “I had photographed dragonflies on the Nuthe and was on the way back through Brandenburg. I always like to use small country roads to find new motifs and to take landscape photos.” The moment was favorable due to the special weather conditions. “I passed a small water-bearing ditch, saw clouds of dust in a field where grain was being harvested. Rays of the low-lying sun pierced the dark cloud cover. Exactly the situation I love in landscape photography.”

Radiomann worked brilliantly with the silhouettes of the scenery in his picture before the rain. He still remembers the shooting situation well: “The picture was taken on a very hazy, cloudy early summer afternoon, the green of the hedgerows and barley fields was so dull and desaturated that a black-and-white conversion was almost necessary.” He already had picture ideas for this place: “I know this landscape well from many walks and for a long time I wanted to capture exactly this perspective of the rows of trees from the edge of the forest.”

Our photo series shows these and all other pictures of the day of the past calendar week at a glance:

Somewhere in Brandenburg

Successful landscape shot with a picturesque character. The cloudy sky adds a lot of atmosphere.
(Image: pewebe)

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