Argentina: Allegedly complete ID database tapped in a hack


An unknown person hacked Argentina’s personal register and, according to his own information, provided all citizens of the country with the full name, home address, birthday, gender and various ID data. The Interior Ministry admitted the illegal access a few days ago, but assured that fewer than two dozen records had been tapped.

However, the online magazine The Record reports that the unknown person claims to be in possession of the complete database – but without saying how many of the approximately 45 million inhabitants of the South American country are included in it. The data would currently be offered for sale in relevant online forums.

Argentina’s government had admitted on October 13ththat a stolen password gave unauthorized access to the National Register of Persons (Renaper). Not only is the data for ID cards compiled there digitally, the database can also be accessed by other authorities, explains The Record. A few days before the government’s admission, a Twitter account called @AnibalLeaks – now blocked – had published sensitive personal data on several dozen people, including celebrities. An IT security team had assured that the published images were retrieved from the database at exactly that time. There was no further unauthorized intrusion. Criminal charges have been filed.

The person behind the hack contradicts government assurances that this is the end of the matter opposite The Record. She therefore still has access to the data and has proven this by transmitting a requested ID number. “Maybe in a few days I will [die Daten] published by one or two million people, “she added. However, she has at least confirmed that the access data was stolen from a careless government employee.

According to The Record, shortly after the celebrity data was published, a hacking forum offered to pass on data on any Argentine. All the data are available to create a false ID.


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