Are there ranked rewards in Pokémon UNITE?

Pokémon UNITE has multiple game modes for players to pick from in order to control what type of experience they will have with the MOBA. For most players, this will end up with getting a squad together and jumping into ranked matchmaking once they learn the basics of the game. 

Ranked is where players can go to challenge themselves against players trying to improve themselves, and typically features more coordinated strategy, higher-level gameplay, and closer matches overall. 

Because this mode is considered to be the more competitive battleground for players, UNITE has six distinct ranks that players can reach, with five of them also having multiple classes within the rank to differentiate skill levels during the climb. Starting with Beginner: Class 1, players will work to grind Performance Points, which will help them reach the next rank and match up with even better players. 

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Like with most games, UNITE does have rewards that will be given out to players who participate and grind ranks in ranked mode, with those rewards being given out at the end of every ranked season. You can check the current season’s rewards by hitting the X Button when sitting in the ranked lobby and then selecting “Season Rewards.”

Starting with ranked season one, it appears that every player will get some special rewards just for participating in at least 20 ranked matches. After that, there will be scaling rewards based on a player’s highest rank achieved during a season.

You can expect all of the rewards to change when a new season begins, with TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company sharing more details in the game when that happens.

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