Archers To Target With Ranking Round From Today In Tokyo Olympics

06:35 AM, 23-Jul-2021

great comeback of Deepika

Deepika Kumari has made a great comeback and now she has reached number four. This time he scored 57 points. That’s enough to bring them up 6 places.

06:27 AM, 23-Jul-2021

Deepika is now at 14th position

Deepika has now slipped to 14th position. There are still two more ends in the first half. He has been targeted three times on 8 and then one 7.

06:26 AM, 23-Jul-2021

Deepika at 10th position after 18th shot

After the 18th shot, Deepika is in the 10th position. He holds the lead over Marchenko with 174 points. Chenyang has moved up to fifth place with 58 points.

06:25 AM, 23-Jul-2021

Deepika’s score 56

Deepika is at the eighth position after the first six marks. His score is 56. After the second end, she has slipped to the 10th position.

05:51 AM, 23-Jul-2021

Tokyo Olympics: Indian archers ready with ranking round, Deepika is targeting

Indian archers started their campaign with a ranking round at the Tokyo Olympics from Friday. Indian archers are starting afresh, forgetting the bitter memories of their past Olympic performances. This time everyone has hopes from these archers. The reason is that recently their performance has been very good.

Deepika started the competition with the ranking round. Here 64 women and men are targeting a total of 72 times. The archers will shoot a total of 72 targets from a second of 70 meters in the ranking round. In this, six will be from 12 of six. 720 is the perfect score. Each archer will get two minutes to shoot six arrows.

Eyes on Atanu-Deepika

Highest hopes are from the husband-wife duo of Atanu Das and Dipika who would like to create the magic of the Paris World Cup mixed doubles event at Yumenoshima Park, where the event will make its Games debut on Saturday.

Even though the women’s team failed to qualify, the quartet of Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das, Tarundeep Rai and Praveen Jadhav arrived with the hope of getting the country its first Olympic medal in the sport.

Two-time number one archer, who is participating in the third consecutive Olympics, has seen the performance of the last two Olympics. Five years later, this Ranchi archer is in excellent form.

Atanu would like to do well in Tokyo. He will go into Tokyo with the intention of forgetting his performance in Rio. Atanu will also join the men’s team along with Tarundeep Rai and young Praveen Jadhav.

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