Apple TV+ announces its first French language original production, thriller series ‘Liaison’

Apple TV+ today announced its first French original production, a contemporary thriller drama named ‘Liaison’. The series will star actress Eva Green and actor Vincent Cassel, as reported by Le Figaro.

Liaison will explore the “devastating impacts of past mistakes on the future” in a thriller with political and espionage plot-lines.

The series is currently being filmed in London, and will feature a mixture of French and English dialogue.

Apple TV+ faces pressures to increase the amount of European productions as EU governments are trying to introduce new laws that would require streaming services to make a certain proportion of their overall content output domestically.

To date, Apple TV+’s library has been largely confined to United States and Canada productions, with a small handful of titles originating from the UK. However, that is starting to change. The company currently has two Spanish language series in production (‘Acapulco’ and ‘Now and Then’), at least two Korean productions (Pachinko and Dr. Brain), among others.

In addition to meeting looming content quotas, international and local-language content also helps Apple TV+ attract a wider base of subscribers. The Apple TV+ service is currently available in more than 100 countries.

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