Apple: Swift Doc Compiler supports the writing of comprehensive documentation

As part of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 (WWDC21), Apple presented a new Documentation Compiler for frameworks and packages of its own programming language Swift. Swift-DocC is now freely available to developers and offers the opportunity to write extensive documentation in addition to the code and to create documentation websites for Swift codebases. The compiler supports API documents written as code comments, long conceptual articles written in Markdown, and tutorials with built-in images.

According to the blog post, Swift-DocC is included in the upcoming Xcode version 13 and is also available to interested parties as an open source package. Apple’s development environment is currently in version 12.5. The new compiler should be able to be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows and be compatible with common tools and development environments. The compiler includes tools and libraries designed to help developers write and generate documentation on various platforms (e.g. Linux and macOS).

That doccCommand line tool is apparently already built into Xcode 13 and designed to integrate with other build systems like SwiftPM. The open source project consists of several components, such as the Swift-DocC compiler tool, the Swift-DocC renderer and the Swift-Markdown and SymbolKit libraries.

According to the blog post, the aim of the development was to simplify the creation of extensive reference documentation. It is also possible to add new tutorials to make the use of an API easier for third parties to understand. These tutorials can apparently be integrated into existing documentation like articles. Developers also have the option of linking their own documentation with others, integrating it into logical groups and inserting links to other documents.

More information about Swift-DocC can be found on the official blog for Apple’s programming language.


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