Apex Legends Chaos Theory’s “Conquistador” Wattson Skin Has Been Renamed Following Backlash

Ahead of its release during the Apex Legends Chaos Theory event, Respawn has renamed Wattson’s new soldier-themed legendary skin that will be a part of the event’s collection. First revealed with the problematic name of “Charged Conquistador,” the legendary skin has thankfully been changed to “Chaos Conductor.”

“Thank you to folks who reached out about it and kept us honest,” Respawn director of community and communications Ryan Rigney tweeted. “This was an oversight that shouldn’t have happened.”

Respawn’s decision seems inspired by folks pointing out how uncomfortable they were with Respawn naming one of Wattson’s skins after the conquistadors, a group of white colonizers who are well-known for conquering countries through murder and slavery, and killing thousands of people through the spread of diseases. It’s not a good label to give to any of Apex Legends’ characters.

“Definitely no ill intention, it’s one of those things that slip through the cracks,” Respawn design director Jason McCord tweeted. “We don’t have a lot of approval process around skins names, since we release so many.”

Prior to the reveal of its name, many fans hoped that Wattson’s new skin was stylized around a fencer, which would fit the electric fence-creating legend and her love of puns and wordplay.

Chaos Theory begins March 9, launching alongside a Switch port for Apex Legends. The event introduces a major update, which transforms all four of the game’s defenders, including a new “selfish” passive for Wattson.

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