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I.In terms of security and privacy, all browsers offer more or less potential for optimization: In Firefox, for example, this applies to the transmission of telemetry data that takes place at the factory. As a result, Mozilla receives data on your use of the browser via the Internet. This is done to “improve the performance and stability of Firefox”. This includes interaction data such as the number of open windows and tabs as well as technical data such as Firefox version and language, operating system and hardware configuration. If you have any concerns about data submission, you should disable it. In some cases, however, switching on a function also promotes protection: Most browsers use their phishing filters and send a DoNotTrack header to web servers. Controlling the many settings tabs and windows of several installed browsers takes some effort: the tweaker AntiBrowserSpy 2020 frees you from this the Abelssoft full version checks the configurations of the programs and corrects any unfavorable settings.

Download: Download AntiBrowserSpy 2020 (COMPUTER BILD-Edition)

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Control Firefox, Chrome & Co.

You can intervene in your browser with the full version either manually for just a few behaviors or with an automatic system for all of them in one go. As a rule, manual browser changes are recommended: This way you retain full control. Studying the tweaks in the program will give you a better idea of ​​how your browser (s) are working.

This is what AntiBrowserSpy 2020 does

AntiBrowserSpy 2020 allows you to view and adjust the settings of Microsoft Edge Legacy, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Apple Safari. The program only displays the configuration options of these browsers if they have not been started: therefore close them first. You can do this via the title bar in Firefox or in a message from AntiBrowserSpy 2020, in which a click on “Close browser now” is sufficient. When you go to the original browser settings menu, you work your way through different areas, in the Abelssoft program, however, you will only find settings relevant to privacy settings clearly displayed: By turning toggle slide switches, you activate useful functions or deactivate undesired functions. Each browser has its own area that you can switch to in the tweaking tool. Colored toggles indicate whether Abelssoft assesses the status of a current setting as good or bad: green stands for “good”, red warns you to make improvements. The program also deletes browser history so that you do not reveal any websites you have visited to third parties.

A backup function is included, but it is blocked and refers to the purchased version of AntiBrowserSpy. In the basic functions, our full version software is usually sufficient for correcting unfavorable settings, everything is included.

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Register AntiBrowserSpy 2020 for free

If you want to use AntiBrowserSpy 2020, download the file AntiBrowserSpy-2020-CB-Online.exe and run it. If a warning message appears from the Windows User Account Control (UAC, User A.ccount C.ontrol), confirm it with “Yes”. Click the “Next> Next> Next> Install” button through the setup. In the last step, select “Finish”, whereupon the program loads automatically due to a standard check mark in front of “Start AntiBrowserSpy”. In future, you will call up the software by double-clicking your new desktop link. In the registration window that pops up, type in your e-mail address and optionally your first and last name. Put a tick in front of “Yes, I have (…)” and confirm with the button “Request activation free of charge”. If you have already used the email address you entered to activate Abelssoft software, the program is ready to go. Otherwise, open your e-mail box, in it a new message from Abelssoft and click on the confirmation link. The open registration window disappears and the tweaking program starts.

Download: Download AntiBrowserSpy 2020 (COMPUTER BILD-Edition)

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