Amazon starts trade-in program for its own devices

Amazon starts a trade-in program in Germany. Owners of used Amazon devices can send them to the mail order company in order to receive a gift voucher in return.

The devices sent in are checked by Amazon and, if they are suitable as used items, are resold in the warehouse. If they are no longer suitable for resale, Amazon wants to recycle them. Shipping the items to Amazon is free for customers.

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Amazon’s trade-in program is intended exclusively for Amazon’s own devices. The company names “select Echo and Fire TV devices, Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers.” Further devices are to be added gradually. There is an overview on the trade-in website.

For returned devices, users should receive gift vouchers from Amazon, which they can use for all items in the Amazon range – usually the amounts involved are quite small. Users get an additional discount of up to 25 percent if they use their voucher for a newer model of the device they have sent in. This should enable an uncomplicated upgrade to newer models.

To participate in the trade-in program, users must first access the Amazon website set up for this purpose select an authorized device and answer a few questions about its status. You will then receive an estimate of the possible exchange value and a shipping label. Once the device has been received by Amazon, the voucher will be added to the account. Amazon asks users to remove the devices to be sent from the cloud before shipping in order to remove personal data.


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