Amazon starts channels promotion: three months for 1 euro each

Try many channels for 99 cents a month

According to the website of the online mail order company, you are currently sniffing various channels at top conditions. These include the channels “GEO Television”, “Terra X” and “HistoryPlay”, which specialize in documentaries, as well as the channels “Fernsehen mit Herz”, “RTL Living” and “MTV +”, which offer content for romantics, homeland fans and music fans. If you subscribe to the channels by August 23, 2020, you pay just 99 cents each for three months. The subscription only bears the original price from the fourth month onwards.

9 tricks

Amazon Shopping Tricks

Cancel Prime Video Channel: Here’s How It Works

If you do not want the subscription to a channel to be renewed for a fourth month, end it in good time. To do this, log in as usual on the Amazon website with your log-in data and select the menu item “Manage my Prime Video Channels” in the account settings. (The complete way to get there is: Go to the Amazon website> click on the button with three horizontal lines in the top left> Prime Video > Prime Video Channels > click on the gear on the right> Settings > Manage my Prime Video channels.) Finally, select the channels that you no longer want to watch after the three months for the 99 cents. This is possible at any time and you will not incur any further costs.

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