Fortnite Season 5 is here, bringing an all-new currency quest mechanic to the game. Here’s how they work.

After the release of Warzone, Fortnite players saw the massive possibilities that come with a currency system in a Battle Royale. Such a system immediately jumped to the top of every Fortnite player’s wish list.

In Season 5, Epic finally brought a currency system to the game – of course, with a Fortnite twist. You can now interact with NPCs around the map to gain intel, upgrade weapons, purchase new ones, or hire them to help you.

You can earn currency by completing quests, eliminating other players, finishing bounties, and finding it in stashes. The NPC are scattered around the map – mostly at unnamed or older POIs.

There are too many quest-givers to list, here, and we still don’t know where all of them are located. You can find Fishstick and Remedy at Craggy Cliffs and Mancake at Butter Barn. You’ll notice a square dialogue symbol with three dots over their names when you get close.

As for what you can buy, you can use the Gold Bars to upgrade your weapons, purchase new guns/items, or even hire NPCs as your bodyguards – it all depends on the NPC with which you interact.

The last option seems to be a mixed bag, as the NPC only carries one weapon. We’ll need to experiment and see which NPCs you’ll want to hire and which ones you’ll want to leave behind. So far, we’ve been underwhelmed by their abilities.

It’s also important to note that you need to visit these quest-givers before completing your quest for Gold Bars. XP quests don’t give you the same Gold rewards that in-game NPCs do. Quests include bounty hunting other players, gaining health/shields, collecting materials, or random things like throwing shields.

Gold Bars, Bounties, Quests, and NPCs are a massive step forward for Fortnite, and there’s a ton that they can do with all of these elements in the future. It seems like this is only the first step towards a new way to play Fortnite.


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