Aldi Süd & Aldi Nord: Brochure deals in check


Aldi (Albreak-Tuesdayskont) has developed from a cheap grocery store to a discounter for technology & Co. The family company, which is divided into Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, advertises electrical and household appliances on a weekly basis. COMPUTER BILD presents the offers and shows alternatives to similar devices from the Internet trade. If you are interested in buying, please consider: some of the discounter’s products sell out quickly; the Aldi PC and Aldi notebooks, which are regularly reissued, are particularly popular. Availability can be inquired at the local branches. Here are the best offers from April 19, 2021.

Aldi North and South: Medion MD 18999

Medion MD 18999

Is the floor maintenance pending? Aldi Nord and Süd offer the Medion MD 18999 at a good price.

House cleaning – made easy with the MD 18999 vacuum and floor mopping robot from Medion. The AI-controlled cleaning aid cleans tiles and hard floors in an area of ​​25 square meters. After the process, the robot sucks up the dirty water at the push of a button. A cleaning session lasts about 80 minutes, after which you have to charge the Medion MD 18999 using the charging station (charging time: five hours) that is included in the scope of delivery. You receive a three-year guarantee with the purchase. Aldi Nord and Süd offer the Medion vacuum and floor mopping robot MD 18999 from April 26th to May 15th on-line For 199 euros at. It currently costs 249 euros on Ebay. A good alternative is the Zaco V5sPro: a vacuum and floor mopping robot that cleans surfaces up to 180 square meters.

Aldi Süd: Ferrex grass trimmer

Ferrex electric grass trimmer

With the Ferrex electric grass trimmer from Aldi Nord you declare war on the blades of grass.

If you are very careful with your lawn and do not tolerate a stalk that is too long on the paved garden path or at the edge of the bed, a grass trimmer should come in handy. The Ferrex model offers 450 watts, 9,300 revolutions per minute, a cutting circle of around 30 centimeters in diameter and a motor head that can be rotated 90 degrees. From the May 3 secure the grass trimmer for 24.99 euros at Aldi Süd in the branches. The price is good, Amazon offers a popular alternative for around 33 euros.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 at Amazon

Aldi Süd: Yard Force 800PRO

Yard Force 800PRO

A robotic lawnmower at a great price: the Yard Force 800PRO.

If you can’t keep up with the lawn trimmer, why not get a robotic lawnmower. Aldi Süd sells from May 6th a fully automatic lawn mower from Yard Force for 549 euros. The Yard Force 800PRO independently mows areas of up to 800 square meters. It follows a schedule that you can set completely. With a separate function, the robot carefully mows the edge of the lawn. The Aldi-Süd offer cannot top the competition: For example, Ebay wants to have 600 euros for the device. A robot lawn mower from Worx, which Amazon is currently selling for around 500 euros, is more affordable.

Worx Landroid S WR130E on Amazon

Aldi North and South: Blaupunkt LS 1825

Blaupunkt LS 1825

Aldi Nord and Süd knock out the Blaupunkt soundbar cheaply.

The Blaupunkt LS 1825 brings fat sound for your own home: you can connect the soundbar with subwoofer to your smartphone via HDMI or Bluetooth. There are two 12 watt loudspeakers in the device, the subwoofer has 36 watts. An LED display shows which mode (Music, Movie, Dialog, Flat) you have currently selected. Those who like it classic can control the soundbar with a remote control that is waiting for you in the package. With the purchase you receive a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Aldi Nord and Süd sell the Blaupunkt LS 1825 from April 29th For 89.99 euros in the Online shop. A top price, because Kaufland and Amazon charge more money. A soundbar from Topvision, which is currently available from Amazon, has even more savings potential.

Topvision Soundbar on Amazon

Aldi North and South: Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920

The Deebot Ozmo 920 from Ecovacs vacuums and mops for you.

And another cleaning aid: Aldi Nord and Süd offer the vacuum and floor mopping robot from Ecovacs from 26th of April on-line For 309 euros at. The smart gadget cleans surfaces up to 110 square meters. The maximum operating time is approximately 110 minutes. The robot scans its surroundings using laser navigation and plans its route accordingly. Use the smartphone app to prioritize and delete areas. Amazon charges just under 400 euros for the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920. Alternatively, the shipping giant offers a comparable model from Deenkee, for which you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

Denkee Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2000PA at Amazon

Aldi Süd: TechniSat Viola 3

TechniSat Viola 3

The digital radio Viola 3 from TechniSat has freely assignable transmitter direct selection buttons.

Aldi Süd offers a DAB + radio from TechniSat with 20 memory locations. The battery allows ten hours of music playback. You can play your favorite songs with the TechniSat Viola 3 on a USB stick. You can get hold of the device from April 29th For 22.99 euros in the Aldi-Süd branches – while stocks last. Even Amazon cannot keep up with this: A similar digital radio from Medion costs more there.

Aldi North and South: Enders Boston Pro 4 IK Turbo

Ender's Boston Pro 4 KR Turbo II

A highlight of the Aldi north and south offers: the Enders Boston Pro 4 IK Turbo.

The temperatures rise and with it the desire to throw corn on the cob, neck steaks and other food on the grill. So that you are well equipped for this, have a look at this Online offer from Aldi North and South. The discounters offer the gas grill Boston Pro 4 IK Turbo from Enders at an unbeatable price. From April 29th to May 22nd secure the device for 399 euros. The gas grill has various burners which, among other things, heat up the “Turbo Zone” quickly. A weather protection cover, which is included in the scope of delivery, protects against rain. A gas grill from Campingaz, which is currently available on Amazon, has a lower price.

Campingaz 3 Series Premium on Amazon

Aldi North and South: Leuchten Direkt LOLAsmart Maxi

Luminaire direct LOLAsmart Maxi

You can switch on warm white light with the ceiling lamp from Leuchten Direkt.

The LED ceiling lamp from Leuchten Direkt brings light into the dark – which can even be dimmed continuously. The maximum output is 12.5 watts, the luminosity is 1,500 lumens. The case is silver. The ceiling light should only give up after about 25,000 hours. Aldi and Süd Nord sell them from April 26th to May 15th on-line For 99.99 euros. Amazon offers a comparable ceiling lamp at a lower price.

Eglo LED Palmaves 1 on Amazon

Aldi North and South: Medion MD 19745

Medion MD 19745

Cordless suction wipers at an attractive price: the Medion MD 19745.

If you don’t want to stumble over a vacuum and mopping robot at home, get the hard floor cleaner MD 19745 from Medion. You can mop, vacuum and clean your floor in next to no time. The fresh water tank holds 400 milliliters. The operating time is 30 minutes and the maximum charging time is a maximum of 2.5 hours. An LED display tells you how much juice is left. Convinced? Then grab it quickly! The Medion MD 19745 is available from April 26th to May 15th at Aldi Nord and Süd for 99.99 euros in the Online shop. Hard floor cleaners are more expensive at Otto, Kaufland and Neckermann. Even a similar device from Bissell can’t beat the price.

Bissell 20522 Spinwave on Amazon

Aldi mobile phone tariffs for bargain hunters

Anyone looking for a cheap smartphone tariff will sooner or later come across Aldi Talk. Sensible options, quick availability of SIM cards in every branch and regular tariff adjustments are interesting for people who are looking for an uncomplicated prepaid tariff. COMPUTER BILD shows the Aldi Talk tariffs at a glance!


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