Aldi: Mokli XL ?? Mobile air conditioner at a discount price

Aldi offer: The mobile air conditioner Home Deluxe Mokli XL is currently cheaper in the online range at Aldi Nord.

TTemperatures over 30 degrees are not for everyone. Especially in closed rooms, the stuffy room air is often unbearable. Mobile air conditioners provide a remedy, they cool the air in contrast to Fans effectively to the desired temperature. Aldi Nord is offering the Home Deluxe Mokli XL mobile air conditioner for 231.83 euros in its online shop from August 24 to September 13, 2020. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the Internet competition calls for similar prices for comparable devices. But speed is of the essence, as the Aldi contingent may be quickly exhausted (all prices and information ?? as of August 21, 2020).

Home Deluxe Mokli XL: Secure the Aldi offer at a low price!

  • Suitable for rooms up to 35 square meters
  • 4-in-1 device: cooling, heating, dehumidifying and ventilation
  • With remote control and timer function

Home Deluxe Mokli XL on offer: The functions

The Home Deluxe Mokli XL is a 4-in-1 device that cools, heats, dehumidifies and ventilates. It is suitable for rooms with a size of 15 to 35 square meters. The cooling capacity is around 2.6 and the heating capacity is 2.2 kilowatts. Propane R290 is used as the coolant. The LC display shows all the important values ​​and settings that can be programmed using the remote control or directly on the device. In addition to a sleep mode, a 24-hour timer is also included. Great: The condensate water recycling system creates less residual water, so you don’t have to empty the container as often. A dust and insect protection filter reduces the cleaning effort. The mobile air conditioning unit belongs to energy efficiency class A. It consumes 1 kilowatt hours for cooling and 0.9 kilowatt hours for heating. The noise level is just under 65 decibels. With dimensions of 32x74x32 centimeters and a weight of 23.5 kilograms, the Mokli XL is quite compact. Thanks to the roles, the device is flexible. The accessories include, for example, an exhaust pipe set, a window seal and a water hose.

Amazon offer: Comfee model as an alternative!

  • Decent cooling capacity of 1.5 kilowatts
  • Designed for rooms up to 17 square meters
  • Price on Amazon: 188 euros

Further alternatives to the Aldi offer

If the Aldi deal sells out quickly or you are looking for a different model, you will find more devices in the mobile air conditioner comparison. In the overview, models from De’Longhi, TLC and Olimpia are compared in terms of room size, power consumption per hour and maximum cooling capacity. From the expensive top model to the affordable price-performance winner, everything is included.

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