Aldi kettle: Quigg on offer at Aldi Nord

The Quigg glass kettle brings the water to a boil quickly.

TAlsosieder & Co. have long since passed their golden days. Today the kettle takes on this task. Simply open the lid, fill in cold water, switch on and after a short time it will simmer. The devices are occasionally in the Aldi range. From August 17, 2020, Aldi Nord will be offering a Quigg house-brand kettle for 24.24 euros in its branches while stocks last! COMPUTER BILD presents the Aldi kettle and a good alternative.

Aldi kettle: the functions of the Quigg

The Quigg comes in a chic plastic look with a container made of heat-resistant Duran glass and stainless steel applications. The jug has a capacity of 1.7 liters and is placed on the 360-degree base. This makes the model suitable for left and right-handers. In addition, there is no cable in the way of drip-free pouring. The power is specified with 2,400 watts. The lid can be opened at the push of a button to fill the water up to the required mark on the water level indicator. Due to the LED ring, the glass shines in bright colors when cooking, depending on the temperature. The limescale filter can be removed for easy cleaning. An automatic switch-off at the end of boiling or removal of the base, a dry run and overheating protection ensure safety.

Assessment of the kettle at Aldi

The price of 24.24 euros is hot. If the inventory at the discounter is quickly exhausted, the WMF Bueno will remove the Comparison of kettles is an inexpensive alternative.

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Alternative to the Aldi kettle

According to the manufacturer, the stainless steel-plastic kettle is BPA-free and also holds around 1.7 liters. When trying it out, the kettle heated the liquid particularly quickly with a maximum power of 2,400 watts. The device boiled a liter of water in just over three minutes. The model has an automatic switch-off, overheating protection and a water level indicator. However, there is no additional warming function or temperature control. Disadvantage in the practical test: The small opening made it difficult to fill the WMF Bueno. The model is available from around 28 euros (as of August 14, 2020) at various Internet retailers.

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