AirTags: Test and background in the Mac & i podcast

No more looking for the misplaced wallet or the forgotten key: This is what Apple’s AirTags promise, which transmit via Bluetooth and ultra-broadband and can be located via the manufacturer’s large “Where is?” Network – with the help of third-party iPhones. Since the start of sales, the trackers have been difficult to obtain, Apple calls delivery times of several weeks. However, they can be found in some shops.

In the new episode 17 of the Mac & i podcast, Stephan Ehrmann discusses with his colleague Sebastian Trepesch whether the purchase is worthwhile and what the AirTags can do in practice – also in comparison to the popular Bluetooth trackers from competitor Tile. The second guest, Mark Zimmermann, reports on his findings on how the AirTags work, what happens in the background and which technologies are used.

You can read the detailed test report of the AirTags in Mac & i issue 3/2021 and on heise +.

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An overview of the previous Mac & i podcast episodes can be found here.

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