A Netizen Raises Question on Modi’s Decision of Lockdown, Actress Sumona Gives Savage Reply –

When there is an out break of COVID-19 , everybody is instructed to be in their houses and be safe. Post the announcement done for the lock-down of 21 days for the entire nation, many people started panic buying and stocking things over the need .

PM Modi announces complete lockdown in India for next 21 days ...

PM Narendra Modi tweeted that no one should panic and have patience. Also all the necessary commodities will be available during the lock-down period.

Apart from that , many people were seen roaming around on the roads without any purpose and were taught a great lesson by the state police.

In this scenario , when everybody is enjoying the home and self- service , social media platform is a great form to get updates and also to put views .

Recently, the TKSS actress Sumona Chakravarty was seen slamming one of the social media user who was questioning PM Modi an irrelevant question.He wrote : “But sir we have lack of money and also police is not allowing deleivery services like bigbasket,amazon,zomato etc. To work then how we should not panic?”

Actress Sumona backfired him saying , that how come he can order something from e-commerce company without having money. She wrote : Lack of money but u want to order on zomato & amazon???

It seems , almost everyone understands the importance and value of precautions for this contagious disease . Also , government has assured that there won’t be a shortage of essentials. So be home and be safe people!!.


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