A comparison of alternative app stores for Android: From open source to Google clone

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On an Android phone, the apps come from Google’s Play Store – logical, after all, it’s Android. But this store is by no means the only point of contact for everyone looking for new games and programs. The alternatives include the smaller providers Aurora and Uptodown, the open source initiative F-Droid with a focus on data protection and privacy, but also the platforms of the big names Amazon, Huawei and Samsung.

It is worth looking at the alternatives for a number of reasons. One of them is increasingly affecting Huawei’s customers. Due to the ongoing US embargo, no Google services and therefore no Play Store run on current models from the Chinese manufacturer, so the apps have to come from elsewhere. Even devices with outdated Android versions or custom ROMs as operating systems are not always available via the Play Store. In addition, manufacturers such as Amazon have developed their own Android game types with Fire OS, which are based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and work without Google.

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But alternative stores also have advantages on smartphones and tablets with Google services. You can manage without the requirement to log in with the Google account – but partially replace this requirement with other accounts, for example with the Huawei ID or the Amazon login. In addition, you will always find small and unknown apps in the stores that have not or not yet made the way to Google, or cannot or do not want to.

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