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Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a name that’s likely familiar to any mobile gaming aficionado. The delightfully named Dinosaur Polo Club created something truly wonderful with this simulation game and our reviewer, Christian Valentin had plenty of lovely things to say about it.

If, however, you’ve not heard of it before, Mini Metro is a simulation game where you’re tasked with creating designing a subway map for a continuously growing city. To do so, you will draw lines between different stations to create routes. Sounds simple, right? That’s the beauty of Mini Metro, it’s deceptively simple but becomes increasingly tricky as the city continues to grow.

If you want to put your planning skills to the test, you can grab Mini Metro from AppGallery now for 70p or your local equivalent.


Mars: Mars

Next up, we have Mars: Mars, which is a fun name to say. It probably won’t surprise you to learn the game is all about exploring the titular planet. But you will be doing so using a brand news Marscorp jetpack. You’ll be part of the Put A Human On Mars No Matter What program, which doesn’t sound suspicious at all.

As you explore the red planet, you will discover selfie opportunities at some of Mars’ greatest sights. You’ll need to tread carefully, though. There are plenty of dangers to avoid as you explore. You can check out the trailer below for an idea of what to expect.

Enjoy Mars’ low gravity now by downloading the game from AppGallery for free.


Draw Climber

Sometimes simple, straightforward games work exceptionally well on mobile, and Voodoo’s Draw Climber looks to prove that notion. You will attempt to win a race with a little cube-shaped character. The problem is, it has no legs, so you need to draw them.

Not all legs are created equally in Draw Climber, though. Your cube will encounter different obstacles along the way, o you need to be on your toes and redraw a new pair of legs to more easily traverse the constantly changing course. If you’re intrigued to see the game in motion, check out the trailer below.

Draw Climber is available now on AppGallery for free.



Next, we have another hypercasual game from Voodoo. In Aquapark.io you’ll be racing down a series of massive water slides. That’s right, racing, others players will also be looking to be the first to hit the water at the bottom. So, sometimes you might need to bump into them to maintain your lead.

If you like the idea of racing down ludicrously big water slides, Aquapark.io is available on AppGallery now, for free.


Angry Birds 2

Finally, we have Angry Birds 2, a game anyone reading this site definitely knows. If – somehow – you don’t, it sees you flinging a variety of different birds at questionably constructed towers to topple them over and crush the pigs that are hiding in them.

Each bird works a little differently, and you can level them up to increase your scoring power. Beyond the hundreds of levels available, you can join a clan, complete daily challenges and – most importantly – assemble a collection of silly hats.

Angry Birds 2 is available now over on AppGallery.

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