5G market: Ericsson attacks Huawei

5G technology: who is playing in the world market?

The 5G mobile communications standard is technically complex; companies are investing billions in research, for example. In addition to the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, Ericsson and Nokia from Scandinavia and Samsung from South Korea are driving the development. US providers such as Cisco and Aruba Networks (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) only play a role in marginal areas.

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What does 5G technology bring?

The US government in particular has political reservations about the suppliers from China. Among other things, she assumes that Huawei is inappropriately close to the Chinese government and raises security concerns. Under pressure from the USA, Great Britain decided not to use 5G equipment from Huawei in July 2020, although this entails high additional costs for expanding the 5G network. The fast mobile radio technology creates the basis for the networking of machines in industry and of intelligent devices as well as for the digitization in many areas of life. (With material from the dpa.)

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