25,000 jobs in Germany depend on YouTube

Youtube reaches 47 million adults a month in Germany. This is based on figures from the market research company GfK published by Google. If you add the use of smart TVs not recorded by GfK, the number is even higher, said YouTube manager Andreas Briese at this year’s YouTube festival, which was relocated to the Internet due to the corona pandemic.

The economic ecosystem surrounding the Google video platform in Germany has now almost reached the dimensions of the German film industry. According to a study by the British market research company Oxford Economics, around 25,000 full-time positions in Germany depend on YouTube jobs. “The German film sector employed 38,000 people last year,” says Briese.

The consulting firm has also calculated that the “creative ecosystem of YouTube” contributes around 775 million euros to Germany’s gross domestic product. Andrew P. Goodwin of Oxford Economics said the video views would generate revenue for the creators and other businesses. “This in turn benefits economic activity and employment figures within your supply chain and thus also benefits the economy in a wider environment.” The calculations refer to the year 2019.

The companies surveyed stated that their YouTube presence had a positive impact on their business goals and that this had resulted in additional opportunities beyond the video platform.

During the lockdown due to the Corona crisis, the use of YouTube is said to have increased by 15 percent, internal measurements from YouTube have shown. At the height of the crisis in mid-April 2020, in a survey by Kantar, 32 percent of the German population stated that they used even more online videos and thus also YouTube. The increased use of the video platform was reflected in the latest quarterly balance sheet of the parent company Alphabet. While sales in Google’s advertising business shrank by around two percent to $ 38.3 billion, YouTube’s advertising revenues developed positively. Here there was an increase of six percent to 3.8 billion dollars.

Briese says that educational content and tutorials are particularly in demand this year. This content was also popular in previous years. “Due to the Corona crisis, there was even greater demand for them.” But fitness instructions have also increased. As an example, he also brings the video of Youtuber Salina Özcan, who ran a video on the production of yeast on her back channel, which had astonishing traffic in times of yeast shortage.

During the festival, it was emphasized again and again that “hygiene” was at the top of the agenda of the Google subsidiary. The openness of the platform also harbors the risk of being misused. That is why one is constantly working on adapting the guidelines and monitoring compliance. Youtube publishes a quarterly report on deleted content that violates the guidelines. In the past quarter that was more than ever before. Youtube removed 11.4 million videos. About 100,000 of them came from Germany. In addition, only six major channels that have broadcast right-wing extremist content have just been blocked. (with material from the dpa)


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