WoW: TBC Classic DPS rankings: Phase 2 tier list

[ad_1] The second of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic’s six content phases has arrived and the game’s DPS tier list has changed slightly. While there haven’t been many direct balance changes to alter the game’s available classes, new raid gear has become available to the most up-to-date of players. As a result, players will see […]

John Cena’s Peacemaker running wild across DC’s January 2022 comic book covers

[ad_1] The violent DC anti-hero Peacemaker – specifcally the John Cena Peacemaker – will be taking several upcoming comic book covers by storm in the month of January in 2022. As a tie-in to the upcoming HBO Max Peacemaker series starring Cena, DC has commissioned seven artists to create some stunning Peacemaker illustrations that will […]

Code Atma tier list of best characters | Articles

[ad_1] Today we’re going to check out a complete Code Atma tier list of all the characters so you’ll know exactly who you should add to your team and who you should reroll for. The characters are sorted from best to worst, starting with SS tier, where you will find the absolute best units, and […]