Four Reasons Why You Should Create Explainer video

What does it mean?   Explainer videos become more and more popular each year. Such products are a real breakthrough for the world of marketing, since they are perfect for boosting services or business popularity.   Explainer video – is a short video (usually 2-3 minutes long) which helps demonstrate complicated ideas in simple and even entertaining […]

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: Interview with Yoshi-P

[ad_1] When Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida took over the role of director and producer of the MMORPG “Final Fantasy XIV” in 2010, the game was in disastrous shape. Many gaming PCs could not display the detailed environments and the game stuck to outdated RPG mechanics. In addition, simple elements such as jumping or riding animals were […]

Netgear Orbi RBKE963: Mesh WiFi system costs $ 1,500

[ad_1] Anyone who ponders whether the provider should use the free router or the better model for 3.99 euros a month should shake their heads in disbelief when looking at the price of the Orbi RBKE963: a whopping 1,500 US dollars -Dollar calls on manufacturer Netgear for its new premium WiFi mesh system. Admittedly, it […]