Cordless vacuum cleaner on eBay: Dust off the brand new Dyson V15

[ad_1] Vacuum cleaners are ideal household helpers to let carpets, laminate and co. Shine in new splendor. If the cable bothers you and wants a more radius of action, a cordless vacuum cleaner is well advised. Thanks to the battery, the models can be used in so many places. A well-known manufacturer is, among others, […]

Programming language ranking: Java creates the balance

[ad_1] Twice a year, the IT market research company RedMonk publishes a programming language ranking based on analyzes from GitHub and Stack Overflow. Now the second edition of the year is ready, in which Python and Java compete for second place again – which both win. JavaScript, on the other hand, has been claiming first […]

Go to the T: Play squash perfectly with the app and AI

[ad_1] They were omnipresent at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo: trainers and supervisors who recorded practically every movement of the athletes with smartphones and tablets and immediately went into the analysis with them in order to avoid any errors in the next round or on the next day of competition and to improve their performance […]

Vivid Money: Design your own Visa card

[ad_1] The Berlin fintech Vivid gives its customers the opportunity to design their virtual and physical Visa cards themselves. So far, only the sub-accounts in the app, so-called pockets, could be customized with designs and your own images. From mid-August, you can choose one of five colors for the Vivid virtual debit card. These cards […]

Document shredders in the Aldi range: HP shreds at a solid price

[ad_1] You should never carelessly throw old contracts, bank statements and other sensitive documents into the trash. If you want to dispose of such papers safely, you can buy a paper shredder. The devices shred the leaves into small snippets so that they can no longer be read afterwards. In the online shops of Aldi […]