Telekom: DSL tariffs and test – MagentaZuhause in detail

[ad_1] Whether for streaming, surfing, e-mails or to be on the go in social networks, whether privately, for work, school, training or university – Internet access is part of the basic equipment for most people, such as running water and electricity. Without it, it just doesn’t work anymore. Telekom’s DSL tariffs – called MagentaZuhause – […]

Elmoto Loop in the test: What is that supposed to be?

[ad_1] The Elmoto Loop comes – like the fantastic eSchwalbe – from the company Govecs. The part is a kind of S-Pedelec with a throttle grip instead of pedals and is considered an L1e light motorcycle with a top speed of 45 km / h: You can therefore drive it with a car driver’s license […]