Intel’s FPGA-SmartNIC is called Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU)

[ad_1] Intel announces a series of network adapters with additional functions: the Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU). Programmable logic chips (FPGAs) play a role here, but Intel also develops specialized SmartNIC chips as application-specific components (ASICs). The nitro technology of the world’s leading cloud provider Amazon AWS shows the way: “Intelligent network adapters” (SmartNICs) are supposed […]

Greetings from the past: New notebook with a not so new processor

[ad_1] In the club newsletter last Saturday (June 12th), MediaMarkt advertised the Notebook Classic C150 (7S8512DV) from the MediaMarktSaturn house brand Peaq in the “New Items of the Month” category. A price or further details were not mentioned, so that the author of this line – a notebook tester at c’t – is of professional […]

AWS Proton also works in multi-account environments

[ad_1] Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the general availability of its fully managed service, AWS Proton. The service, which is tailored to container and serverless applications, is intended to make it easier for developers to provide, provision and monitor their microservices. For the official announcement of General Availability (GA), AWS is also releasing two new […]