FritzBox: Saving electricity – this is how you reduce electricity consumption

[ad_1] AVM’s top router models do well in the COMPUTER BILD tests not only because of their high performance and the multitude of functions, but also because of their relatively moderate power consumption. The FritzBox 7590 draws just 8.8 watts, a savings model like the FritzBox 7530 is even satisfied with 4.5 watts. If you […]

TikTok star Bella Poarch gets ‘Build a B*tch’ Fortnite emote according to leak

[ad_1] The highly-anticipated Cartoon Meowscles skin was revealed early thanks to a now-deleted Twitter video from Fortnite France. The vintage take on a fan-favorite skin is will be a must-buy when this cartoon feline lands in the Item Shop. Cartoon Meowscles was first discovered a week ago when data miners found an in-game spray that […]