The five most popular smart bicycle helmets in a comparison test

[ad_1] But some helmets can do more than “just” protect the head. They light up, flash, play music, are suitable for making phone calls and, in the event of strong vibrations, such as those that occur in an accident, send a message to a stored emergency contact. The market for smart bicycle helmets is currently […]

Elona Mobile Nefia guide and how to clear them

[ad_1] Elona Mobile, a rogue-like adventure game has recently been launched globally for Android and iOS. The game has allowed players to fully discover its content on their own. Upon being chosen in the game’s bizarre world, the player has the freedom to choose their own path. No matter which is the choice, there are […]

FIFA Mobile 21 Team Chemistry and Perks Guide

[ad_1] Since its advent Chemistry has been a very important aspect of FIFA Mobile 21. In-game Chemistry confers advantages in VS Attack in the form of better chances. No matter what you’re doing in FIFA Mobile, having high Chemistry is going to be a positive for your team. Perks have been introduced last year also […]