How to download and play Apex Legends Mobile

[ad_1] Apex legends Mobile has just kicked off beta tests in India and fans are eagerly waiting to experience the game on their devices. But sadly quite a few users are unable to do that due to a limited number of tester slots and device Compatibility issues. But don’t worry we have got you covered […]

Elona Mobile Beginners Guide and Tips

[ad_1] Elona Mobile, a recently released game by LTGames Global is a roguelike open-world adventure RPG game derived from its PC version. It’s both intriguing, odd storyline, relaxing background music, even weirder NPCs and complex overall system are what makes this game truly worth playing. As an adventurer, it is you who decides what role […]

Security Breach Fury’s Rage Gameplay

[ad_1] There are four playable characters including Freddie, Monty, Roxanne, and Chica. In this gameplay clip we play through the first two levels as Freddie and Monty. You can download the game today for free if you want to check it out. [ad_2]

Kingston-SSD A2000: Firmware update fixes Linux crashes

[ad_1] Manufacturer Kingston fixes a bug in the PCI-Express-SSD A2000, which could lead to crashes when using a Linux operating system. To remedy this, an update of the firmware to version S5Z42109 is required, the Kingston via its own Windows 10 tool SSD Manager provides. There is no corresponding Linux software, but Kingston has provided […]

Respawn unveils Apex’s season 8 rewards and ranked distribution

[ad_1] Apex Legends ninth season, Legacy, is right around the corner. But players who grinded the battle royale’s ranked ladder have something else to look forward to. Respawn revealed the season eight rewards in a blog post today, which includes Dive Trails and fresh badges for your banner. Players also got some insight into the […]