Otelo deal: small price, lots of data volume, free tablet

[ad_1] If you are looking for a new mobile phone tariff these days and value a lot of data volume at a good price, you should look at the following deal. Thanks to the lush Verivox instant bonus, the monthly average price is just around 10 euros. Otelo Allnet-Flat Classic with free tablet 10 GB […]

Smart Aldi doorbell Medion MD 88314: price, functions, release

[ad_1] Thing-dong! If you have a smart doorbell, you never have to frantically jump up from the sofa again. It forwards the ringing to the smartphone. Thanks to the built-in camera, the resident can immediately see who is ringing the bell and can also talk to the visitor straight away. This prevents the impatient postman […]

Medion Akoya E14304 in the test: Aldi notebook for only 429 euros

[ad_1] Aldi notebook Medion Akoya E14304 in the test: compact, cheap? and also fast? Test conclusion: you have to know that Plan an extra hour for battery charging? Whining at a high level. Okay, the display could be more brilliant, but it doesn’t reflect. And a fast WLAN-ax would be great, as would an SSD […]

Hunting Clash MOD APK v2.34 (Unlimited Coins/ Tokens)

[ad_1] Get the best gaming experience with our Hunting Clash MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/ Tokens). Download it for free and receive Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Tokens on your game account. Hunting Clash Mod Apk File Information: App Name Hunting Clash Mod Apk Platform Android MOD Features Unlimited Silver Coins & Unlimited Gold Coins. Unlimited Weapon […]

3D audio streaming: How Auro-3D and DTS: X want to catch up with Dolby Atmos

[ad_1] Table of Contents 3D audio streaming: How Auro-3D and DTS: X want to catch up with Dolby Atmos Sound formats in comparison IMAX Enhanced Conclusion Read article in c’t 9/2021 Anyone who buys a home theater system or soundbar that can use Dolby Atmos, DTS: X or Auro-3D sounds to sound over the heads […]

Best portable projectors 2021: Mini, handheld and on-the-go projectors

[ad_1] Some of the mightiest projectors are also the smallest – here’s our pick of the best portable projectors around today. These are the very best compact and easy-to-carry projectors that are ideal for transporting anywhere they might be needed. Now, sure, portable projectors aren’t the ideal way to watch the latest Christopher Nolan film, […]

Web scraping with Azure Functions and Python

[ad_1] Azure Functions are – comparable to AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Functions – event-based serverless functions that can be executed as required. The trigger for an Azure Function can be an HTTP request for the web API interface. An incoming IoT stream, a database change or execution at a specified time can also be […]