Cloudflare Pages is now available to everyone

[ad_1] Web infrastructure company Cloudflare has opened its cloud hosting service to all users. Announced in December 2020, Cloudflare Pages enables frontend developers to build sites using Jamstack, which is a set of frameworks popular for developing and deploying websites at scale. “It’s been incredible to see what happens when you put a powerful tool […]

Development environment: Plug-in for Swarm Programming from JetBrains available

[ad_1] JetBrains has now officially released the Code With Me plug-in. The extensions for working in a team are available for numerous IDEs from the Czech tool manufacturer. It enables joint work on projects and integrates audio and video communication. Code With Me aims, among other things, at pair and swarm programming in order to […]

robotaxi: The first international robotaxy is on the road in 2023

[ad_1] robotaxy is starting. Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company supported by General Motors and Honda, will launch its first international “robotaxy” service in Dubai in 2023. The vehicle, which will be the first international market experience for the GM-backed autonomous driving company, was announced today by Dubai’s crown prince, Hamdan bin Mohammed. Cruise will use […]

World of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade dungeon entrances

[ad_1] World of Warcraft Classic The Burning Crusade doesn’t have a release date yet. But with the beta live, many players have started contemplating their path from level 60 to 70. During the WoW Classic release in 2019, many players relied on dungeon leveling due to overpopulation in the open world—and it’s highly likely that […]