“Cyberpunk 2077”: Patch 1.2 declares war on teleporting police officers

[ad_1] CD Projekt Red has announced a new patch for the action game “Cyberpunk 2077”. Version 1.2 is intended to tackle the often criticized police system, among other things: Law enforcement officers should no longer materialize immediately behind the player when he or she commits a crime. Instead, in the future, a police drone will […]

Mobile Legends Developer Moonton is Acquired By ByteDance

[ad_1] TikTok maker ByteDance is in the news again but this time it’s for their entry into the gaming arena. This time it’s regarding one of the biggest acquisitions of the year in which Mobile Legends Bang Bang developer Moonton is acquired by ByteDance. Bytedance, the owner of TikTok, has acquired Moonton, the developers of […]