Medion E10440 Kids Tablet: Children’s tablet with Android 10 from Aldi

[ad_1] Medion E10440 Kids Tablet: 10 inch children’s tablet with Android 10 and Google’s Kids Space. The best tablets Medion E10440 Kids Tablet: 10 Zller The Aldi tablet Medion 10440 is a 10-inch tablet that shows games, films and websites with 1280×800 pixels, the otherwise usual Full HD playback with 1920×1080 pixels is not supported […]

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool: Humidification does not work

[ad_1] This is how the air cleaning of the Dyson Pure Humidfy + Cool works. L.Air purifiers can filter viruses and, in many cases, pollutants from the room air. Some models can do even more, so the Pure Humidify + Cool model from Dyson also offers a fan and the option of air humidification. In […]

Open source in the car: Automotive Grade Linux as a Google alternative

[ad_1] The auto industry has long resisted open source, just as it has resisted many best practices in the software industry. But over the years, with more and more employees who brought a different culture to the car companies, a lot has changed very much. And so in 2018 we saw the first car to […]