Pornhub: After allegations, the porn portal is changing many functions

[ad_1] S.Ex-scandal in the USA: On December 4, 2020, the national US daily “The New York Times” (NYT) published one Opinion articles by columnist Nicholas Kristof. In this he refers to the other side of the porn portal Pornhub, which usually generates headlines through curious actions. For example, in the spring of 2020, the operator […]

TCL P815: Inexpensive Android TV in the test

[ad_1] D.he name TCL means nothing to you? The Chinese group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of televisions and has its own screen factories. In Germany, TCL has only been building up the business for a few years, but with increasing success. The recipe for this: the latest technology at low prices. The […]

Apache Tomcat 10 is Jakarta EE compliant

[ad_1] The team behind the Apache project Tomcat has announced version 10.0. The open source server implements the Java specifications Jakarta Servlet, Jakarta Server Pages, Jakarta Expression Language, Jakarta WebSocket, Jakarta Authentication and Jakarta Annotations. Those in the know will recognize from the Jakarta name that the migration from Java EE to Jakarta EE played […]

How to plant evidence at Catty Corner or Flush Factory

[ad_1] Fortnite Season 5 is chugging along. Here’s how to complete all of the Week 2 challenges. It looks like the first week of Season 5 challenges was too good to be true. Just when we thought that Epic had abandoned the specific, grindy challenges, they hit us with a list of new ones. The […]