LG: OLED TVs with a problem? washed out black

[ad_1] L.Bright colors and a deep black, these are the advantages of a television with an OLED display? usually. With some newer models from the South Korean manufacturer LG, however, washed-out black and gray tones and annoying flickering occur again and again. This is particularly noticeable in the LG OLED CX, which is optimized for […]

How to use 10 Rifts in a single match (all Fortnite Rift locations)

[ad_1] The next generation of consoles is right around the corner, and both Microsoft and Sony are using Fortnite as a means of promoting their new hardware. Such a grouping makes sense, as it’s an easy way to compare the last generation to the next one. Fortnite is still going to be an incredibly popular […]

Meet the Batman Who Frags in the latest DC Death Metal special

[ad_1] The Dark Multiverse variations of Batman have been a good part of the fun of Dark Nights: Metal and its current sequel Dark Nights: Death Metal, and on November 10 DC is introducing perhaps its next breakout Darker Knight.  (Image credit: DC) Meet the Batman Who Frags, who you DC followers have probably already […]

Medion MD 19169: Overlock sewing machine at Aldi

[ad_1] Medion MD 19169: The overlock sewing machine will be available in all Aldi branches nationwide from November 16, 2020. GIf you agree with the manufacturers, the demand for sewing machines has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Why? A popular pastime is sewing and selling mouth and nose masks. On the other […]