A loophole seldom comes alone: ​​Oracle reports another threat to WebLogic Server

[ad_1] Late last week, Oracle and researchers at the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) warned of possible impending attacks on the critical vulnerability CVE-2020-14882 in multiple versions of Oracle’s WebLogic Server. The company had already published patches in the course of its quarterly “Critical Patchday”. There is now a separate security warning for a very […]

Among Us: The complete Map guide

[ad_1] Among Us, the current hot favorite game on cross-platform. It is a detective mystery game. This game has two roles, impostors and crewmates. Being an impostor, players will have to kill other crewmates to win the match, and being a crewmate, players will have to complete tasks, find hidden impostors to win the match. […]

Medion Erazer Guardian X10: Review of the Aldi notebook

[ad_1] Aldi Notebook Medion Erazer Guardian X10 (MD63715) in the test: The keyboard can be illuminated. Good for gaming in dark rooms. Also great: It also has a separate number pad. Test conclusion: you have to know that The new Aldi notebook Medion Erazer Guardian X10 (MD63715) worked pretty quickly in the test, the equipment […]