Champions Legion Partner Guide: Know your Pets better

[ad_1] This post was last updated on September 3, 2020 at 11:30 pm In this new MOBA game Champions Legion, the developers introduce us to a new visual kind of Emblem, which is also known as pets or partners. A cute little animal will pop up to your main game screen in CL. You will […]

Hiko’s settings, keybinds, and crosshair for VALORANT

[ad_1] Photo via Dreamhack Hiko has quickly become one of the biggest names in competitive VALORANT. The former Counter-Strike pro is known for his pinpoint accuracy with a rifle in hand. He has an unusually high mouse sensitivity for a CS:GO player, but that hasn’t stopped him from dominating in VALORANT. Hiko has already won […]

Medion Erazer Beast X10: Review of the new Aldi notebook

[ad_1] Test conclusion: you have to know that Aldi Nord estimates a proud € 1,999 for the Medion Erazer Beast X10. That is a lot of money, but it is completely okay given the performance. Because the Erazer Beast X10 has enough power for the smooth display of current game crackers – and even reserves […]

NBA 2K21: How To Fix The Park – Matchmaking, Lobbies, Game Types & more

[ad_1] NBA 2K’s most played game mode has a new look in the upcoming game, but it could still use more changes. NBA 2K21 is just days away, and while we’ve gotten a new setting for The Neighborhood with 2K Beach, there’s some other things we’d like to see to improve The Park. The Park […]

Medion Life E61194: Starry sky projector at Aldi

[ad_1] The starry sky projectors Medion Life E61194 (right) and Medion Life E61195 (left) will be available from Aldi Nord from September 7, 2020. M.ama, i cant fall asleep. Dad, I’m scared! Parents know the whining of the offspring when they go to bed. Small devices should help: the starry sky projectors Medion Life E61194 […]

IFA 2020: WLAN mesh and smart home innovations from TP-Link

[ad_1] The new products include the TP-Link Deco X80 5G (left) and the Deco X96 (right). D.he coronavirus also hits the trade fairs hard: This year, significantly fewer manufacturers are represented at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA, September 3 to 5, 2020 in Berlin) than usual. This can be observed across all product categories, […]

Aldi garden: strong garden offers in the price check

[ad_1] Aldi garden offers: The right garden equipment is in the discounter’s range from time to time. D.Outside, the first leaves on the trees are already turning, ringing in autumn. There is a lot for garden owners to do in this mostly stormy and rainy season. Tasks such as collecting leaves, pruning hedges and trees, […]

Soft support: BMW 320d mild hybrid in the test

[ad_1] For 16 years there was always a three-point from BMW standing in front of my door. It would probably have been the same today if at least one of the dealers had been able to form a contact from the contact details provided by someone willing to buy. So this trip was a bit […]

All Of Astro’s Gaming Headsets Are Compatible With PS5 And Xbox Series X

[ad_1] Microsoft has already stated the Xbox Series X will support all third-party Xbox One accessories, but as far as the PS5 goes, it’s been a little unclear which ones will be compatible. Thankfully, one company has cleared up the confusion for its gaming headset line. Astro Gaming announced that all of its headsets will […]