Medion LifeTab E10714: review, specs, price, buy

[ad_1] Users are in good hands with the Medion LifeTab E10714 if they don’t expect big miracles for little money. Test conclusion: you have to know that For less than 200 euros, the scope of delivery of the Medion LifeTab E10714 is particularly impressive. A keyboard case is rarely included in the box for such […]

Medion Akoya P66089 in the test: Inexpensive Aldi PC with a player’s heart

[ad_1] Test conclusion: you need to know that The Medion Akoya P6608 is well equipped, fast, quiet and economical ?? the price of just under 680 euros is okay. It’s a shame that the power connection is missing for retrofitting a more powerful graphics card and that the power supply only has 250 watts. But […]

UFC 4: How to Touch Gloves – Taunt, Pre-Fight Animations & more

[ad_1] Showing respect at the beginning of a fight is always the classy move, just watch out for fake outs online! UFC 4 is finally here! While there will always be some players that want to rush down their opponents from the get-go, most will want to show respect at the start of each round […]

Car loan without Schufa: New car despite bad credit

[ad_1] Get car loan without Schufa: It works, but borrowers have to be very careful. E.In car loan without Schufa is a loan to finance a vehicle without the bank checking your creditworthiness with the help of the Schufa or without negative Schufa entries for the granting of the loan. However: Obtaining such a car […]

How to play on the MC Championship Minecraft server

[ad_1] Image via Noxcrew With so many popular content creators and streamers involved in Noxcrew’s MC Championship event, there are always going to be eager fans who want to join the event’s corresponding Minecraft server.  As of now, the developers have no plans to release a public version of the MC Championship server, but that […]