Which class should you use in the new mobile MMO, V4? | Articles

[ad_1] Enchantress The Enchantress is a powerful magic user, and one that will need to keep enemies at bay. Here you’ll be trading off defence points that other classes enjoy, in exchange for devastating spells. This does mean that playing solo may be more difficult against higher-level foes, and as such, this class is best […]

Aldi Süd & Aldi Nord: prospectus deals in check

[ad_1] Aldi (AlbreakTueskont) has developed from an inexpensive food market to a discounter for technology & Co. The family company, which is divided into Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, advertises electrical and household appliances every week. But are they really cheap? COMPUTER BILD compares the prices of the offers with those of similar devices from […]

Source code leak: Code leaked from public repositories of large companies

[ad_1] The Swiss Android developer Till Kottmann has discovered a number of data leaks that unintentionally disclose access to source code through his own research into incorrectly configured DevOps tools – including SonarQube server, for example – as well as various other sources. The vulnerabilities affected around 50 companies from a wide range of industries, […]

Xing: Business network warns of data leak

[ad_1] Various members of the Xing business network are victims of an external data leak. NAfter Xing had more than good news to report with the increase in sales despite the Corona crisis, the business network now has to deal with a somewhat more uncomfortable topic: There is a data leak that apparently affects numerous […]