11 apps with Joker malware deleted from Play Store: Check details

Google has reportedly deleted 11 apps with Joker malware from Play Store. The researchers at the cybersecurity firm Check Point spotted a new variant of Joker Dropper and Premium Dialer spyware. The cited source says that the malware made its way by bypassing Play Store security features. It was able to download additional malware to the device, which automatically buys premium services without your knowledge or consent. Also Read – WhatsApp Animated Stickers: Here’s how to download and send them

So, it is important to uninstall all the below mentioned malware-effected apps in case you have it on your phone. As per the report, the malware was hiding inside legitimate apps in the Google Play Store. This time around, hackers used an old technique from the conventional PC threat landscape to bypass detection by Google. The report mentions that the new Joker virus used two main components to subscribe to premium services. These are “Notification Listener service” and “dynamic dex file loaded from the C&C server.” Also Read – TikTok Pro scam: Here is why installing the fake app is a bad idea

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List of apps with Joker malware deleted from Google Play Store

  • com.imagecompress.android
  • com.contact.withme.texts
  • com.hmvoice.friendsms
  • com.relax.relaxation.androidsms
  • com.cheery.message.sendsms (two different instances)
  • com.peason.lovinglovemessage
  • com.file.recovefiles
  • com.LPlocker.lockapps
  • com.remindme.alram
  • com.training.memorygame

What you should do?

If you have any of the above-mentioned apps installed on your smartphone, make sure you uninstall them right away. Also, it will be worth checking your Google Play account for any unwanted subscriptions. Ensure that you thoroughly check your credit card or bank statement for suspicious charges. You should also install a security solution to prevent future infections. Also Read – Google Chrome for Android finally gets 64-bit version support

Besides, a few weeks back, a spyware was discovered affecting millions of Google Chrome users. The spyware effort out about 32 million Chrome users at risk, based on download numbers of malicious Chrome extensions. These extensions were freely available to download and install on the Google extensions page and hence, were commonly used. After the revelation was made by Awake Security, as per a report by Reuters, Google removed over 70 malicious extensions off the Web Store that violated policies.

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